Pretzel Softball

Pretzel Softball , 4 days ago

If there are any current 5th, 6th or 7th graders INTERESTED in playing JH softball, please fill out the form below! This is a form of interest, not a commitment!

Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop , 4 days ago

Please Click the Image for the New Berlin CUSD #16 End of Year Calendar

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Hattie Llewellyn

Hattie Llewellyn , 6 days ago

Pretzels: Please Complete the 2020 Census! Click this link for more information:

Dr. Ehrman

Dr. Ehrman , 7 days ago

A Couple of Food Service Announcements- 1. Next Week (5/25-5/29) food service pickup will be on Tuesday and Thursday (since Memorial Day is on Monday). 2. June 1st will be our last day for food pickup. It will include the meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Lastly, I would like to give a Huge Shout Out to our Fantastic Food Service Workers!!! Sincerely, Dr. Ehrman

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Dr. Ehrman

Dr. Ehrman , 9 days ago

IASB Field Services Director Mr. Allen sits down with Board President Mr. Alexander and Superintendent Dr. Ehrman of New Berlin CUSD #16 to discuss how their district has been handling the changes caused by COVID-19.

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Have you filled out the Census??

Did you complete your 2020 Census? Please be sure that you have filled out your 2020 Census. It only takes 10 minutes! This will impact our schools for the next 10 years in regards to federal...

CUSD#16 Remote Learning Plan

Click on the link below to see the District's Remote Learning Plan