Students in Math 1 at New Berlin High School proudly displayed what they have learned this school year during the November Math 1 Parent Night held on November 18. 

Dylan Walton and Braiden Mathiesen created a poster that described how downloading e-books is a continuous, linear function. Their poster featured a table and a graph that represented the situation. They described how the input of time is always a continuous domain, how downloading an e-book file file happens gradually, and how these elements contribute in creating a continuous function.

Halle Bandy also created a poster about downloading e-books. Halle’s poster featured different representations of the situation including  a table, graph, explicit equation, a representation of the continuous domain in set notation and a description of what the set notation meant.

Savannah Kramer and Audrey Attig created a poster that compared a discrete linear function (books that arrive in boxes) and a continuous exponential function (the amount of active medication in the body over the course of time). Savannah and Audrey presented their poster during Math 1 Parent Night and explained differences between a discrete and continuous function as well as the differences between a linear and exponential function. They talked about the defining differences, as well as the different notation used. 

Lauren Klump, assisted by Dylan Walton, created a poster that featured art and its relationship to the math that they had learned in Math 1. Lauren and Dylan created the Koch Snowflake. The Koch Snowflake is a fractal that is based on exponential geometry. Lauren and Dylan added to their poster the mathematical representations that explain the math behind the creation of the Koch Snowflake: a table and graph, as well as  recursive and explicit equations that represent the number of sides of the snowflake at each stage. 

The applications that the students have experienced in Math 1 are representations of mathematics that have their background in Real Analysis. Students not only learn about how to create different mathematical representations of applications that they will encounter throughout their lives; but they also learn about productive struggle and perseverance, qualities that will enhance their life experience. 

The next Math 1 Parent Night will be held from 7:00--8:00 pm on December 9, 2021 in Room 315 at New Berlin High School. The topic will be How to Help Your Student Prepare for Final Semester Exams.

Pictured are (from left to right): Dylan Walton, Braiden Matthiesen, Halle Bandy, Audrey Attig, and Lauren Klump with their projects. Savannah Kramer was not present for the picture.

Pictured are (from left to right): Savannah Kramer and Audrey Attig after they did a presentation on their project during Math 1 Parent Night.