Students may recognize words like determine, analyze, and distinguish, but do they understand these words well enough to quickly and completely answer a standardized test question?

According to Marilee Sprenger, author of Teaching the Critical Vocabulary of the Common Core (ASCD, 2013), they can! Ms. Sprenger has curated a list of 55 critical words (29 verbs & 26 nouns) students must know to be successful with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), as well as any other standardized assessment they encounter.

New Berlin Junior High School is committed to ensuring students learn the critical vocabulary needed to help them with testing and college and career readiness. To that aim, we are implementing a Vocabulary Initiative to introduce, reinforce, and progress-monitor our students' knowledge of vocabulary. It is our hope, that through these efforts, we can equip them with confidence in reading, writing, and speaking.

All students will be explicitly instructed in the Critical 55.

Word ListWord List + DefinitionsPractice Quiz
In addition to the Critical 55, each grade level will have set of words that come from their Wordly Wise Vocabulary lessons.
Word ListWord List + DefinitionsPractice Quiz
Word ListWord List + DefinitionsPractice Quiz
Word ListWord List + DefinitionsPractice Quiz